flat rail

roof-parallel installation up to 20° of rooftop angle
for foil, bitumen and concrete

schnelle Montage

fast mounting

entwickelt im Windkanal

developed in a wind tunnel

Ultraleicht und nahezu ballastierungsfrei

ultra lightweight with a minimum of ballast needed

Flexible system for various application fields

Our roof-parallel system flat rail features perfect simplicity being suitable for bitumen, foil or concrete rooftops up to an inclintation angle of 20°. The system is to be mounted with only one tool within record time of 10 to 15 kWp per man-hour – already including the modules. For ballasting we offer system-compatible ballast trays to be mounted beside the modules.

Due to its short and space-saving dimensions the mounting system easily skirts obstacles like rooflight domes, giving you flexible scopes of application on site.

“We´ve already installed numerous mounting systems being able to say that yours is the fastest and most comfortable one by far.”

– Ricardo Latzkow,
Head of project management, Polarys

Technical drawing

flat rail technische Zeichnung

Advantages for you:

  • developed and aerodynamically optimised in a wind tunnel
  • suitable for roofs with a limited load-bearing capacity
  • fully optimised prefabrication
  • flat rail is resistant to UV, wind and corrosion
  • quick installation saves time and money: no other mounting system on the market can be installed faster
  • minimum shipping and storage costs thanks to the small scale of the product: up to 50 kWp of flat rail measure 2 x 1.25 metre in packaging
  • rooftop impermeability is not affected by our prduct in any case, thanks to the integrated building protection mats
  • multi-directional water drainage guaranteed

flat rail data sheet

Technical data

Application field
On flat roofs and roofs with a gentle incline of up to 20°
Roof orientation
south, east/west
Roof covering
Foil, bitumen, concrete
all common modules (frame height between 29mm and 51mm)
Fixation to roof
Placement with no penetration of the roof, rooftop impermeability is not affected by the mounting system in any case
Building protection
Specially designed protective underlay mats for the given surface, pre-fabricated and mechanically fixed
Static testing according to DIN EN 1991-1-1 (carrying capacity) and DIN EN 1991-1-3 (snow load). DIN EN 1991-1-1 to 4 conform with EUROCODE 1
Proof of wind resistance
Stability tested by wind tunnel testing at the Institute of Industrial Aerodynamics according to DIN EN 1991-1-4 and the equivalent load figures measured
Lightening protection
Substructure can be connected suitable for lightening current
Steel S255 G D AZ185 (Steel with 185 g/m² aluminium-zinc alloy), corrosion protection class III according to DIN 55928-8
Connection material
VA stainless steel screws and bolts
Assembly time
10 - 15 kWp per man hour (flat rail including module)
Product guarantee
10 years

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