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Our reference projects for your reassurance

Not only our products are the fastest mounting systems on the market, but they´re also the method of choice for companies like Volkswagen, Deutsche Bahn and Porsche. They´re the basement for 224 MWP of planned and installed pv power plants all around the globe. With our customers we realize every imaginable customized solution – that´s our passion and daily motivation.
Here you can see a representative selection of special pv projects, a full summary is forthcoming.

Warenberg – 750 kWp

Solution installed: simplex roof   short rail

Specificity of this project:
For this photovoltaic plant, the south-facing roof was fixed with our short-rail solution, whilst the north side was layered with simplex roof. Thanks to the 20° angle of inclination of simplex roof, the north-facing side of the roof can also be used for photovoltaic energy.

Our client says:
“It was a huge advantage for us to get all the different mounting systems from one supplier. And what’s more, each structure is great both in terms of quality and ease of use.”

Referenz sun.deli Weiterstadt

Weiterstadt – 265 kWp

Solution installed: duplex roof

Specificity of this project:
For the Weiterstadt project, we produced a 30cm higher custom version of our duplex roof product so that grass could be laid on the roof, under the solar panels.”

Dessau – 2,5 MWp

Solution installed: duplex field

Specificity of this project:
To construct the photovoltaic plant, we used our drill-free mounting system duplex field for open surfaces. Due to the specific aerodynamics of this system, installation required almost no extra ballast.

Our client says:
“The plant was ready in record time, something we’ve never seen with any other project.”

Referenz duplex field sun.deli
Referenz sun.deli duplex roof

Reinach – 59,4 kWp

Solution installed: duplex roof

Specificity of this project:
For this project, the mounting system was made with aluminium on our client’s request. Thanks to the modular construction of duplex roof with its short rail- system, it was possible to just build around the skylights on site, and thus complete the installation without significant additional work.

Our client says:
“duplex roof is the fastest supporting construction to build, so easy and robust!“

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